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A Selective Nerve Root Block (SNRB) is a demonstrative test performed to decide whether a particular spinal nerve root is the aggravation source. A SNRB assists your PCP with diagnosing cervical (neck) or lumbar (lower back) radiculopathy (disturbance and irritation of a nerve root).

Under fluoroscopic direction, steroid medicine (major areas of strength for a fiery) is infused at a particular nerve root. On the off chance that the infusion decreases side effects, the aggravation source is recognized. The test requires 15-30 minutes for every spinal level.

Possible Complications

A selective nerve root block, like other medical procedures, may present risks.  Complications include risk of infection, low blood pressure, headache, and injury to nerve tissue.

Patient Restrictions

Some patients should not undergo SNRB.  Contraindications (precautions) include:

  • Allergy to the contrast medium and/or drugs to be injected
  • Anemia
  • Significant asthma
  • Bleeding problems
  • Infection
  • Kidney disease
  • Pregnant or breast-feeding
  • Severe spinal abnormality

Patient Preparation: At the Medical Facility

  • The medical staff will review your history, condition, medications, allergies, and other pertinent information.
  • You change into a gown.
  • A nurse monitors your blood pressure, blood oxygen levels (pulse oximeter on finger), and other vital signs before, during, and after the procedure.
  • Medication may be administered to help you relax. Diagnostic spinal injections require that you be awake so that you can respond to questions during the procedure.  


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