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Ultrasound is a high-frequency sound that you cannot hear but it can be emitted and detected by special machines. It travels freely through fluid and soft tissues and is a safe and painless scan. Our procedures conform to world-class standards and PNDT guidelines.

Understanding the Ultrasound:

An Ultrasound is a Test procedure in which high-frequency sound waves (sonar and radio technology) are used to create ‘pictures’ of the inside of the body. Sonography refers to a medical test that is conducted with the help of an Ultrasound Device. Apart from being safe, an Ultrasound is also a painless and generally affordable process – making it popular with both patients and the medical fraternity. 

Ultrasound images are engineered in ‘real-time’, and let us see both the structure of our internal organs as well as the function (that is, the movement) of our blood vessels. While it has various kinds of medical uses and health applications, an Ultrasound is perhaps the most popular and preferred Test used to monitor the development of the fetus in pregnant women. An individual doesn’t normally have to go through any special preparation to taken an Ultrasound Test. For smokers who are above the age of 65, an abdominal Ultrasound Test may be a wise course of action even if there are no other overt symptoms of illness or discomfort.


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